Stick H003: Perfection

Stick H003: Perfection


Cue is Finished. Don’t miss the videos at the bottom of the page!

The cue is named PERFECTION because I was feeling my oats when I saw the joint pin go in. After I realized most folks wouldn’t know that, I realized I’d run my mouth beyond my skill.

I wished I’d named the cue PRETTY DAMNED GOOD — just to take the pressure off — and wondered how much face I’d lose if I changed it.

Any face is too much. All we have is what we are, so we’d better damnwell be true to it, and authentic. The shame of changing the name would be even worse than not living up to perfect ambition. So I soldiered on. 

I’m reminded of the scene where the drill instructor says, If God would have wanted you up there he would have miracled your ass up there by now...

Well, I received a miracle. This a nice cue.


It’s a TOTAL PACKAGE: Play, break, jump.

PERFECTION arrives with a matching jump handle, purple heart shaft, and birch shaft (what I play with) and FOUR joint protectors.

She’s tapped for up to 1 oz weight bolt. Mention if you want it. Your choice of 5 tips.

  • Blue Knight — Soft (Hardness Rating 61),
  • Elkmaster — Medium (Hardness Rating 66), Royal Oak
  • Medium (Hardness Rating 66), Le Pro
  • Hard: (Hardness Rating 78),
  • Triangle — Hard (Hardness Rating 91)



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