Stick 57 Plain Green Rings

Stick 57 Plain Green Rings

Auction is for 1 butt and 1 joint protector.

The handle is exquisite black cherry burl from right here in Hormtown PA. The forearm is spalted/stabilized tiger maple, featuring curl so wavy it’s like liquid rippling under the finish. Also look for the different colors of decay in the spalted wood, with areas of high contrast close to the handle. Collars are black phenolic.

Pin: 3/8-10

Collar Diameter: .84″

Butt Weight: 15.5 oz. (shafts are usually 3 – 4.5 oz., depending on material)

Butt Length: 30.5″ (32″ with joint protector)

Bumper accommodates 5/16-14 extension pin.



If desired, other items may be purchased after the auction and built to match within a few days:

Carbon Fiber shaft: $300

Wood Shaft: $200

Shaft Joint Protector: $75

2-6″ Extension: $200

7-12″ Extension: $250

Current bid: $520.00

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Condition: New

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