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I can tell you how mine shoot. I have played for over 50 years and played serious league play for 25. Have owned a lot of cues, a lot of really cheap ones and some not so cheap. I own two of Clayton’s cues and both shoot very well, but, the latest one, ”Bob”, with the carbon shaft is magical, it has raised my shooting to a level that I have not shot in ten years. Try one, it will be great!

Character Cues: “BOB” and “Dennis’ Stick — Dennis Wisdom 


Check him out! You won’t be disappointed.

Character Cues: GRAY WOLF – Felix Famularo Jr 

I own two of Clayton’s cues with a 3rd being built. I’ve been playing this game for 50+ years and I must say that of all the cues I’ve shot with, these are some of the finest. Very well balanced with great feel and feedback. My main playing cue has been a Southwest cue for the last 20 yrs. which IMO is one of the finest cues ever made. It’s a rare day I don’t use the SW but lately it’s being left in my case more and more since playing with Clayton’s cues…. Why you may ask did I pick a Character cue. Just look at them. Have you ever seen such gorgeous lumber. I admit the beauty is what caught my eye. I was hesitant at first as looks ain’t everything. I gave one a shot, no pun intended, boy was I pleasantly surprised and elated how well they play. To boot, I love that Clayton holds back nothing in sharing with us his building techniques. I know wood quite well as I used to build custom cabinets and custom homes for some 40 years. I know quality and workmanship when I see it. Thanks Clayton.

Character Cues: Miss Sara Phim, Seraphim, and Mic Drop — Douglas Michel 


If your looking for a truly unique and one of a kind custom cue you can’t go wrong purchasing one of Clayton’s masterpieces!! I have been in search of a statement piece player’s cue and boy oh boy did I find one. I won the auction on Monday, sent my request of cue tips that night, and I was informed my “Conk Walker” was in the mail the very next day! Thursday i was shooting with and showing off this beauty. It was a pleasure to do business with Character Cues. The value far exceeds the price!!!

Character Cues: THE MIGHTY CONK WALKER –jayreed14 

“I want to let you know that I really appreciate the care you take with your craft. This cue is a beautiful piece of work — and it plays well. I have used it now for a couple of weeks, and twice in amateur league competition, and I think I can say the weight, balance and overall feel have helped my stroke and accuracy…. [Carrot Cake is] the cue I will be using for the rest of my pool-playing life. Thanks, Clayton. And thanks again for the care and professionalism you bring to your work.”

Character Cues: “CARROT CAKE” –J Sopko 

I have three of your cues now and all of them are not just works of art but they are also the best cues I have ever shot with and I have shot with many over my 64 years the balance and craftsmanship is excellent and the best part is they are all 1 of 1 not like any other 1 of 1 I have seen thank you next may be a nice break cue the ones I have are just to nice to ever brake with keep up the great work

Character Cues: HOLD MY BEER — Andy Leftwich


Cue is fabulous. So beautiful. Clayton is a great seller. Great communication and follow through. Fast shipping. I cannot say enough about how unique and gorgeous this cue is. Very happy.

Character Cues: “BRUISER” –dwsharron2


queued to finish… and auction…

Questions? Fire away.


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8 responses to “Auctions”

  1. Jack Wilkerson Avatar
    Jack Wilkerson

    Are there any break cues?

    1. admin

      Jack, thanks for the perfect question. I haven’t made it public yet, but I have 20 all-hickory butts hanging, ready for their final turn. They are not cored sticks. I’m using hickory butts paired with hickory shafts, and Triangle tips, which ought to be similar to breaking with a howitzer.

      I was planning on a collarless design because I like the hit you get without collars, but I can finish them either way.

      My goal for the cues was to have something sleek and classy that is easy enough to build that the price can be low. I’m not sure if folks will like the collarless design, so I’ll let you tell me how to do the first one, and then I’ll auction it with a buy now price of $400. I have repair jobs to do this week and a custom build, but I expect to have a break cue listed at auction in a week or so. I’m also going to be implementing new auction software, as the program I’m using now is terrible.

      So what do you think? Collarless like my hickory jump cues, or with collars?


  2. Bigbob

    Hi Clayton, I was bidding on gone to church , I thought I was hi bidder bur can’t find auction final results anywhere???

    1. admin

      Yes, the final bid was yours at $710

    2. admin

      Please check your email.

      1. Bigbob

        I just checked my email I can’t find anything from you ?? xxx xxx xxxx call me

  3. DDmichel

    I tried to view bids on Gone to Church. but nothing was active (links) is that because it’s sold?


    1. admin

      Yes. The next auctions will be much better, more info, better layout, everything. I already have the program…..

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