LIfetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty Statement

Text below the video

The most important thing for you to know about the stick that you are buying is that I stand behind it.

I’ll say in a minute what that means.

I’m not claiming that you’re going to be the best shot in the world or that you’ll be better looking. Or that you can crack heads with it.

But I am claiming your stick is utterly unique, and that I gave my attention to every single detail, every minute.

And if anything is ever not right with your stick because of a defect in the making of it or the parts used, then I’ll make it right.

A long time ago I was a cub scout, maybe ten years old or so. And we were lodging in a barracks-style cabin at Camp Mountain Run, in Pennsylvania. I threw a baseball through the window, horsing around. I was trying to bounce it off the wall.

Growing up, my Dad was always trying to instill honesty in me. How important it is. So I went to the scoutmaster and told him what I did. I figured I’d get a good ass peelin’ out of it and have to pay for the window out of my lawn mowing money.

Boy oy boy – the scoutmaster, did he make a fuss.

He told me what an amazing kid I was, and gave me extra French toast the next morning.

I’ve always found that people are more amazed when other people own up – I just kind of get a charge out of how people react when you do the right thing. Hell – I wish I screwed up more!

But the bottom line is I stand behind these one hundred percent.

As long as I’m around I understand what you’re really buying is not a stick, it’s the satisfaction with that stick that’s going to last as long as you do. Long as I’m here, I’m going to make sure this is the stick that does that for you.

Cues in the queue

See sticks in the process of being built, and if any snag your interest, grab it before someone else does.

The Excalibur Line

Have me build your sword.

You take care of the myth.