Head in the Clouds


I’ve loved my wife’s voice from the first time I heard it. Only made sense that I’d ask her to write a song for my future videos.

When we sat to talk about what I wanted, what it should sound like, all I knew was it had to be laid back and honest about life. I wanted something that expressed people being okay with themselves not because they achieve perfection, but because they know merely being good is often spitefully difficult, and they get up for the work of it each day regardless. 

And I wanted something that expressed gratitude at an elemental level. As I see it, none of us have an a-priori right to exist. If we hadn’t been born, we’d hardly have been able to argue that we should. We’re all beneficiaries of the divine will that intends us, moment by moment, into living beings.

Some day that will end for each of us, and the only reason I can figure is so we’re aware of the scope of the gift our Creator has given us, while it is ours to enjoy and learn from. 

If that isn’t the way you map out reality, that’s okay. You’re here, you won’t always be, and that makes this moment — and you — worthy of celebration.

None of us had to be, or will be, very long. 

When I heard Julie’s first track I was stunned by how clearly she’d placed the exact meaning I’d struggled to express into a tune that feels like being lifted by a breeze into a better and better mood.

Life is precious — for all of us.  

I love Head in the Clouds and hope you do too. 

Below you’ll find Julie’s YouTube playlist containing short videos she created along the way, showing her process.

Yes, she collaborated with a bird, sometimes several hours a day, for three weeks.

I think that makes her, and the song, even more wonderful.

You can see more about Julie and download Head in the Clouds here.

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