Stick H002: I Like Her Knees

Stick H002: I Like Her Knees

Terrific, I love it, just got home and already packed my McDermott break cue away. Even the house pro said it hits really well.  He actually liked it over his…. But seriously I love it. Even not getting to use it as often as I typically would. House Pro is really good.  — Douglas Michel


I started making solid hickory break cues because the wood is hard enough to dull your equipment fast. Hard wood means hard hits. That’s good for breaking. The quote above is from Doug, who bought and just tested JFW (just wow), my first hickory break cue.

Hickory breaks. It just makes sense.

But when I was testing my first hickory break butt I decided to see how she handled a birch shaft with a 12mm Royal Oak tip — what I usually play with.


Comes with shotgun shell joint protector and tip installed. 1 oz weight bolt optional.

If you win the auction for I LIKE HER KNEES and would also like to use her for regular play, for another $200 add a birch or other species shaft, and for $100 add a hickory jump handle to pair with your hickory shaft. Then you’re prepared.

Butt: 30″ shagbark hickory, 12.87 mm ferrule

Shaft: 30″ shagbark hickory with a Tomahawk ferrule.

Tips Available (with hardness rating): Blue Knight (61) soft | Elkmaster (66) medium | Royal Oak (66) medium | Le Pro (78) medium hard | Triangle (91) hard

Weight: 17.2 ounce with hickory shaft. Tapped for 1 ounce weight bolt. Mention if you’d like it.

Warranty: Lifetime




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