Stick 42 Decimation

Stick 42 Decimation

This auction is for 1 Ironwood (American Hornbeam) butt, 1 purple heart shaft with Ironwood ring, 1 birch shaft with Ironwood ring and 3 Ironwood joint protectors.

Butt Length: 29 1/8″

Purple Heart Shaft Length: 29 1/8″

Birch Shaft Length: 29 1/8″

Butt Weight: 15.2 oz

Purple Heart Shaft Weight: 5.0 oz

Birch Shaft Weight: 3.7 oz

Purple Heart Tip: 12.41 mm

Birch Tip: 11.84 mm

Available Tips (included): Blue Knight (Hardness 61, soft) | Elkmaster (66) | Royal Oak (66) | Le Pro (78) | Triangle (91 hard) | Ultraskin Ivory (s-m-h) | Ultraskin Black (s-m-h) | Ultraskin Fire (s-m-h)

Core: Hickory

Joint Pin: 3/8 – 10





I always envisioned Decimation as a scrappy SOB of a cue. The kind that would look as tough getting chemo as he does on a Harley.


The kind that fights game, if you remember how men used to talk in reverential tones about men that never lost their spirit, even if they lost the fight.


The kind that understands winning means keeping your soul, not someone else’s esteem.


Three things I dig about this cue:
  1. Ironwood burl on the buttmost end — stunning.
  2. There are a few instances of live edge where the wood finish is dimpled and the rough outer texture of the Ironwood is retained.
  3. The long split up the middle piece was stabilized and the piece was cored with no problem. That’s because stabilized wood replaces the missing stuff with resin. The split area was solid resin that I chiseled out to add black mica to bring out the split grain. I dig the split so I wanted it to be seen. Our scars remind us of victory or wisdom, one.
Is the cue strong? I cored the split section with a 5/8″ chisel while it was only 7/8″ diameter, and that’s wrapped around a hickory core.
Hell yeah it’s strong.

Prepare to meet a Game Somebody.

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