Let’s get this out of the way.

I posted the thoughts below to a woman on Facebook, but since I’m not screaming hate, Facebook is sure to limit views.

Here’s the skinny. And be advised, whether you’re on the right or left, I’ll probably irritate you. Pleased to be of service, if I succeed. We have a problem that should irritate all of us enough to be more mindful about how we talk about it.

The meme (all political memes are designed to provoke hatred and stupidity — change my mind) said,

Hell hath no fury like 167.5 million women scorned. Roevember is coming.

I don’t think 167.5 million women advocate abortion, but I chose to articulate a different point.

I said: Doubtful. But you have election theft on your side, so you’ll still win.

That’s clear. If you don’t know the last election was a coup, you’ve been siloed. Silo refers to how media companies divide up news stories into bytes that appeal to either left or right, and then feed left or right only bytes that will keep them on the media platform, earning the platform money. People don’t read what they don’t like, so it’s very much in the platform’s interest to give them only what they do.

They know which batch of histrionics to feed you based on all your likes and all their spying as you roam the internet. The result is that most people only know half of the news, slanted to keep them pissed off, and nothing detrimental to their biases. Add blatant news media lies, it’s easy for large numbers of people to be deluded.

Each side believes the other is.

Don’t want to be siloed? Don’t fall for the garbage that any outlet is fair or balanced. Read them all, believe nothing. They’ll revise it later anyway. The most we’ll ever be able to do is guess what is real. The people vested will only tell us what they think will make them money or win an election.

Sue them, they’ll say they’re entertainment.

Here’s a good example that happens to be about election fraud, from yesterday in the New York Times.

(opens in new tab)

Anyhow, a woman I don’t recall having ever chatted with said to me,

stick with your fiction.

I gave her the link referencing the NYT stories as an example, mentioned siloing, and she responded with,

evidence is in the recent overturn of Roe with our Supreme Court. That’s what I follow. Our country is going backwards. Women especially, should be mad as hell.

I called Roe being overturned long before it happened because the corruption in our government is universal, and the Supreme Court does as it is told. In this case, the puppetmasters wanted the left to be as inflamed and fired up about voting as the right is over the election theft of 2020. I made the comment multiple times on a media site and could prove it if it mattered. The point is that once you’ve watched the US political scene long enough, the next turn is fairly easy to predict. Same with the nonsense in Ukraine, inflation, covidscam, etc.

The key is to think about government as an author would. Think of the characters, what they want, what resources they have, and who stands in their way. There are only so many ways to write a crime story.

Anyway, let’s divert for an important parenthetical about my state of mind:

I just about killed myself a couple weeks ago, twice in a row, by rolling my 900 lb four wheeler on top of me — yes — twice — how the fuck? — story for another time — hence the photo with the post.

As a result I’ve been thinking a whole lot more about how I live. How I address others. How I care (or don’t) for myself. And what I need to do differently to be congruent with my deepest beliefs. One of those is to no longer avoid participating in divisive topics on social media — but to participate with Christ in mind.

One of my best pastors ever said Christ embodied both perfect truth and grace. Christ had the capacity to be blunt and clear (when not talking in riddles for those with ears to hear), but also to speak to each person as a created and loved being, who is simply a little off target. That’s the definition of sin, by the way. Sin is not necessarily evil. It is simply being off target.

If you were teaching your 12-year-old daughter to shoot a bow and arrow and she missed, would it be a sin?

Would it change your love?

Anyhow, this is what I said to the woman.

Women [enraged by Roe being overturned] should ask themselves why they feel their lives are more important than anyone else’s, so much that they have the privilege to murder another human being, for convenience, (almost all the time.)

Calling a baby in the womb a fetus or anything else doesn’t turn it into a dolphin. It’s human.

The baby has different DNA — so it’s not the mother’s body anymore. Different person than the mother.

The baby is inside her BY HER CHOICE when she decided to have sex.

She was raped? That’s horrifying. But the baby’s DNA is different — so killing it answers the crime of rape with the crime of murder.

And this nonsense about life beginning at birth, with breath? Utter chicanery. The baby is alive in the womb or it couldn’t be alive when it comes out. (Provided, of course, its life isn’t too inconvenient.)

Killing a human baby in the womb is clearly, abundantly, unmistakably murder — which is why when a pregnant woman is murdered, the killer can be charged with two homicides.

There is no retort that justifies murdering innocent, defenseless human beings.

Categorically, none. There’s no honest debate to be had.

If our so called leaders — left and right — were interested in the health of the soul of our nation, they’d be spending all of their energy on figuring out how to help young women not become pregnant, or deal with their pregnancy once they decide to chance getting pregnant, and become so.

Instead our media and politicians and useful idiots on both sides do nothing but rally hate, thinking it will rally votes.

That’s why libs always say I don’t have a dog in the hunt and am not allowed to have an opinion.

Which is sad, because liberals have so much empathy and passion. They have so much capacity for growth and adaption, so much love, so much everything — but all I see among them is rage and hatred. Too bad they’re captured, owned, siloed, fed shit and provoked daily by their own puppetmasters.

The right is equally fucked in the head with the identical problem. But we’re talking about abortion, and that albatross belongs to the left.

All the best to you. Wishing you well.

#TrueConfession: It’s hard not to tweak people a little bit. Just to wake them up. But I could have been more graceful. I imagine my words are hard medicine for women who’ve had abortions. It sucks that growth often requires pain.

I’ve felt so much of it lately I’ve committed to learning without it.

Hang with me. You know I’ll come back. I always do.

I watched a movie last night that blew me away. Most Christian films wander from the source, have poor production, acting, whatever. This one really shocked me: Saul: The Journey to Damascus. Not perfect, but so full of genius, it’s highly worth the watch. It’s free on Amazon Prime.

It might be that I liked the movie because it gave clarity to things I’d already been thinking about, regarding myself, but hadn’t quite had the courage to bring to a conclusion.

Saul of Tarsus had to give up hating the destroyers (Christians) of his faith (Judaism) to see what they were. He had to give up hate as a response in his arsenal, before he became capable of the consciousness necessary to be the Apostle Paul.

I have several absolutes in my views. I wonder, as Saul of Tarsus must have, how is it possible that what I know to be absolutely true, isn’t?

Hate, irritation, frustration, no time, thousand screaming voices from every direction…

Even the wickedest among us is human, and even a sociopath is one of God’s creations. Hating one of God’s creations is the surest way to never actually see what it is, and that is why hate has to be removed from our possible responses.

The only way to understand is to first grant the other party the same humanity we claim for ourselves. To walk a mile in her shoes, as the saying goes. And the only way to win them is to love them enough to say, Come and see, the way Jesus did, over and over, until what they learn doesn’t come from you, but comes from their own desire (as I must believe all humans have) to do and be better, whatever that means to them.

If they choose not to come and see, they will still have seen the example of love. Maybe the next person who meets them with love will move them closer to understanding.

Meet them with judgment and hate and they will return the favor.

As I said above about siloing, the best way to keep people on a platform watching ads go by, earning revenue whether they click or not, is to feed them the stuff they respond to. People respond to hate quite a bit. Social media platforms favor and advance the material. And people are happy to have their hate buttressed by their tribe, all the other people who share the same misgivings about the same other crowd. The Republicans. The Democrats.

All the while, the politicians are happy because instead of demanding good governance and accountability from them, we let them run amok. They know they have cover. Because of siloing, only half the country will learn what they did, and that half already hates them. Their own side will never find out and wouldn’t believe it if they did.

Great deal all around, except we the people are being stampeded over a cliff and all we do is point at each other and scream how the other side is Hitler.

There are issues that divide us. We need to respect the people we disagree with enough to see their humanity, to empathize with their suffering, and to sincerely want a solution that works for them.

I believe abortion takes the lives of living humans. But that doesn’t mean that a young woman who made a mistake, is pregnant, and is terrified she’s just lost her future doesn’t have a valid, urgent concern.

As a Christian I’m called upon to love her, and be kind, and if I do nothing else, that is enough. If I believe she sins, punishing it lies in God’s wheelhouse, not mine. My proper role as a Christian is to treat her as my beloved sister and be as concerned for her welfare as I am about mine.

If all I do is love the person who sins, and show as much concern for her soul as that of her unborn, I will have met both of Jesus’s commands. I will have honored the Father and loved my neighbor as myself.

I’m not talking about preaching at her. That isn’t what she needs. Just the love and support.

The example is the preaching.

She has agency. She has choice. She gets to choose her path, and I have to respect that and let her live her consequences.

Later there is a chance I will be able share ideas that matter to her. Or maybe being kind was my only role, and someone else is appointed to water the seed I planted with even more love. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Again, if she’s wrong, my only responsibility is to love her.

On the other hand, if I hate her, name call, shout, curse, degrade, then all I have done is create an enemy from a person just as heartbroken and confused about her issues as I am about some of mine.

Madmen, people who would murder you, Democrats, Republicans, Nazis, Communists, leaders who would oppress you, they are all human. Some of them have been hearing God call. Some of them are ready to hear him. Some ready to answer. Your love and blunt truth could be the light that penetrates their darkness.

Or maybe they’ve heard Him more clearly than you. How would you know without meeting them in love?

Love everyone. Lose the hatred. Do whatever it takes. You can’t see Christ through eyes covered in shit.

I was an atheist until I was 30 or so, and as a brand new Christian I used to wonder what wonderful purpose God put me here for.

Twenty years later I realized our only purpose is to learn how to love. Not to make a certain income, write a certain book, etc.

I believe our highest purpose isn’t in this life. Our perfect form isn’t in this life. When we die it doesn’t go black. It goes light. We find ourselves standing in the presence of God, just as we do now, here, unknowing, because the material body is a veil, and we don’t perceive it until death removes it.

When I stand before my Creator I’m going to fall flat on my stomach and weep. Until then I’m going to learn how to love the people my nature inclines me to hate.

We need to be thinking about love right now more than any point in our history.

How’d the conversation play out? The woman wrote back,

I believe in freedom of speech and respect one’s right to his/her opinion. We disagree.

Sincere wishes that you evolve.

I replied,

Thank you. I am evolving and I recognize that my point of view isn’t the endpoint of where our country’s conversation about abortion needs to be. I thank you for your civility.

She said,

I’ve been a nurse going on 4 decades. I have seen so much rape, genital mutilation, PTSD (the list is endless). I’m afraid I’ll never see eye to eye with your viewpoint. Funny thing, there’s love underlying both viewpoints. You see it from a more pure, raw reaction. Mine is muddied, tarnished, blemished…I want that unconditional reasoning…but I’ve seen far too many tragic interferences.

I said,

I hear you. I don’t see eye to eye with my viewpoint either. It leaves out all the pain and the tragedy of the woman who has to make the decision, and the consequences she bears, either way. The solution is bigger than me, I admit.

She said,

we can’t group this into a black and white vote. There are far too many different scenarios and ultimately, “the woman” should have some voice. When I see what some of these women have gone through, I don’t know how to react. I’m speechless and unable to defend them. But for heavensake, don’t allow politics to dictate their situation. Love, support and respect one’s right to deal with his/her situation is the best I can come up with.

Maybe God’s onto something with this whole love thing.

5 responses to “Abortion”

  1. Erich Brinkerhoff Avatar
    Erich Brinkerhoff

    Wow….you made me pause and read slowly to absorb the truth and logic being presented to me. Thank you. Thank you for providing the clarity that I often times lack. I have noticed in my 60’s that emotions come over me that I lacked before. Empathy being the strongest. My eyes well over when I see pain and hurt inflicted on other people. I yearn to comfort them but most times don’t know how. In years gone by it would be a rush to violence against those that have wronged others but…..I came to realize that did nothing to heal the damaged. I have thought that I was coming to a fork in the road and I think you just tripped my blinker!

    1. admin

      I’m equally awkward trying to comfort people. Everything I think to say sounds idiotic in my head. I think being there, even in silence, says a lot. A gentle touch, when appropriate. A faltering smile with a You doon okay? I don’t know either. If I think back to times I’ve been hurting, the way someone shares a glance is often enough to let me k ow they’re here for me, and in my corner.

  2. Bernice Johnson Avatar
    Bernice Johnson

    In the end of this conversation with this woman, you agreed to disagree, but you also understood each other’s reasons for why you each have that opinion. We need a whole lot more of that. I agree with everything you said about the political divide in this nation and the media feeding the frenzy, making us all crazy. There was a time when people could disagree over an issue and not allow the issue to influence the relationship. When you could have a reasonable discussion without one party (or both) walking away pissed off. It seems the younger generations have their view on a subject and that’s the only view that matters. We all matter. Our opinions matter, and they should be respected, even if you don’t agree with that opinion. I believe there are bigger forces at work behind the scenes, and the division of this country is just the beginning of the overall plan. Us old farts have been around the block once or twice, we’ve seen the shit hit the fan on occasion, and we’ve learned when to get out of the way. It’s time to sidestep and knock the shit slingers on their asses.

  3. P knouse Avatar
    P knouse

    Love us all there is. Love is all we need! No greater commandment than to love one another….. for me. Love to another is to allow them to be themselves, imperfect, on their pilgrimage of life. And to that end, I allow them to make a choice in the direction they then choose / free choice… go your own way…. No judgement of their choice. It’s their life to live.

  4. Bob Steckline Avatar
    Bob Steckline

    Love…..it’s really the most precious gift we have to give as well as the most precious gift to receive. If we all gave it and received it in abundance think of the difference it would make. Definitely a thought provoking thread on life, love and abortion. Now on to the 4 wheeler story!?

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