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Stick #017 “JFG” aka “Just Plain Gorgeous”


This stick is being auctioned on eBay

Duration: 10 days
Start time: Jun 15, 2023 10:00:01 PM PDT
Start price: US $0.01


Ready to Ship. Weight between 16.5 – 17.6 ounce; choose the tip you like, and whether you want weight added, and the stick will ship the day after order.

Comes with the joint protector shown and a birch shaft. Birch is a little stiffer than maple. Your choice of tip pad / tip (see dropdown).

Arrives packed in a sporty Pool Dawg hard case.



Name: Stick 17

Product Serial Number: #0017

Length:  60.5 inches

Weight: 16.5 – 17.6

Tip Diameter: 12 mm

Shaft: Birch

Woods Used: (In order) Spalted and Stabilized* Maple, Black Cherry, Beech, Black Cherry…

Cue Type: Regular Play Cue

Core: Hickory tenoned into hard maple

Finish: CA Glue 

Joint Type: Radius/Ball Thread 3/8″

Shaft Taper: Pro Taper 

Warranty: Lifetime



*The stunning grain patterns and markings you see come from the wood being spalted, which means, rotten. Rotten wood is weak and unsuitable for building pool cues. But spalted wood that has been stabilized is another matter. Stabilized wood has been dried, placed in a vacuum, impregnated with resin, and cured in an oven until the resin hardens. The resulting wood is strong and durable enough to easily provide the strength required for a cue.

The wood comes from the woods around me in western PA.

two of my first 1,000 Youtube subscribers will win spalted sticks.  

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