Some sticks seem stunning because of what you do with them. The truth is, that’s you, not the stick. You know what you’re doing and could take the table shooting with a chalked-up broom handle.

But lay a Character Cue on the felt while you’re racking and the shooter who’s won the last fifteen games is going to fear the next.

That’s the stick. That ain’t you.

A stick with game always speaks English.

A stick with game always has a seven-rail solution brewing.

A stick with game quivers in the bag like a sleeping wolf, dreaming of the kill.

Live or die, a game stick is a fighter.

It doesn’t quit.

It says, I like your bruises and bad mood. I’m in one too. Let’s kick ass.

Get yourself a game stick.

Get a Character Cue.

Stick #032 The Sparkle Light of Sammi’s Stars



No Added Fee for Most Customizations if Purchased During the Build 



Figure late February.

My niece Sammi visited over Thanksgiving and because she has a good sense for colors, and enthusiasm for almost everything, I asked her to help me choose the colors/wood pieces to build a stick.

I got a step stool so she could study every piece of wood on three racks, floor to ceiling. She has an expeditious nature. She made her selections and I held them side by side until we had the scheme. Then we assembled and arranged and considered.

After considering other designs, this is the one Sammi chose. I think this stick is going to finish up bold. The green and red will brighten, but because the grain in each (and in the black) is faint and fairly uniform, they paint no din for the squiggly black lines in the maple to rise above.

You’ll hear this stick loud and clear.

Bravo, Sammi!



Arrives packed in a sporty Pool Dawg hard case with a tip shaper/chalker in the pouch.



Name: Stick 32

Product Serial Number: #0032

Length:  59 inches

Weight: 18 — 22

Tip Diameter: 12.5 mm

Shaft: Options: carbon fiber, maple, purple heart

Woods Used: (In order) Spalted and Stabilized* Beech, Black Cherry.

Cue Type: Regular Play Cue

Core: Hickory tenoned into hard maple

Finish: Gloss

Joint Type: Radius/Ball Thread 3/8″

Shaft Taper: Pro Taper 

Warranty: Lifetime



*The stunning grain patterns and markings you see come from the wood being spalted, which means, rotten. Rotten wood is weak and unsuitable for building pool cues. But spalted wood that has been stabilized is another matter. Stabilized wood has been dried, placed in a vacuum, impregnated with resin, and cured in an oven until the resin hardens. The resulting wood is strong and durable enough to easily provide the strength required for a cue.

The wood comes from the woods around me in western PA.