Stick 52 : Hell Fuck Yeah (simply a must-have cue)

Stick 52 : Hell Fuck Yeah (simply a must-have cue)


A Poem, everyone:



When I saw the finished stick I changed its name from Pursuit of Happiness to Hell Fuck Yeah.

Celebrate enthusiasm in its own right, enthusiastically!

But especially celebrate enthusiasm when you have a light saber in your hand, a nine, a tomahawk, a tank.

(hell fuck yeah)

If Hell Fuck Yeah had an engine it’d run on diesel and turn 700 horse.

If it was a woman it’d burn it’s bra.

If it was a dog it’d be a ninety pound pit and if it was a man,

It’d be you.

Character Cues.

Hell Fuck Yeah



Cue ships Tuesday the 9th. That’s when my shipping cardboard comes in.

This NO RESERVE auction is for:

  • butt featuring black cherry burl, figured walnut, and oak (blue): $1,000
  • 12-inch extension of black cherry burl and figured walnut: $250
  • purple heart shaft with blue oak: $250
  • birch shaft with black cherry burl: $250
  • 3 black cherry burl joint protectors: $225
  • total: $1,975

I will update with pics and details when I finish the shafts and joint protectors in the coming days. You choose the tips for your shafts — and rejoice! — for the ferrules are micarta. You almost can’t miss with micarta ferrules. 😉

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