I have about 50 sticks in production as of 9/2023. Those ready to finish are shown.

Cues can be paired with shafts made of any of 11 species.

Sticks hang at least 6 months between turns on the Taper Shaper before finishing. Most go much longer.

Any of the cues below could be finished within a few days of purchase.

Otherwise I’ll finish them and post them to the Ready to Ship page (and the Character Cues facebook group) at roughly the rate of one per week.

Jump sticks don’t need as much time — the shaft needs turned down to size over several weeks, but the handle doesn’t need to hang six months. Order your custom jumper from the Everyman or Plot Twist listing, and I’ll reach out via phone or email to ensure I build it the way you want. Or email me at clayton at and we can set up a time to discuss your build, and I’ll email an invoice with your details noted.

To see sticks that have found a home, click here: