This is my best reader-reviewed novel. I feel like I finally found the words I’ve been looking for. That’s why I’m happy to share Integrity free, right here or in your eBook reader. The link opens the full novel instantly, no email collected, no nothing. 

A straight-up gift.

I wrote Integrity in third person omniscient, the so-called “God view,” to reveal the exact shape and depth of each character’s arc. 

Integrity is about a boy, Linc, learning what it means to know and live by values. He’s as real as I was at his age — even infatuated with the same girl I was.

It’s also about a man, Frank, who despite nonstop toil, finds himself failing at the only task that really matters to him: raising a son better than him. 

And it’s also about how we learn to forgive ourselves. 

I did my best to fill it with good country-folk humor and way of life wisdom, true to the way we country folk in Western PA do it.

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Edward A. King
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Nothing but praise for Integrity

This book cemented my absolute amazement at the writing skill of Clayton Lindemuth! He takes you down a road that is at first somewhat depressing as he builds the characters, and draws you in while bringing you to a greater understanding of the human condition, then wraps it up with a heartwarming ending that will leave you not only wanting, but CRAVING more! I give it 5 stars only because that’s the highest rating allowed! Thank you, Clayton, for sharing your amazing talent!!!!