Some sticks seem stunning because of what you do with them. The truth is, that’s you, not the stick. You know what you’re doing and could take the table shooting with a chalked-up broom handle.

But lay a Character Cue on the felt while you’re racking and the shooter who’s won the last fifteen games is going to fear the next.

That’s the stick. That ain’t you.

A stick with game always speaks English.

A stick with game always has a seven-rail solution brewing.

A stick with game quivers in the bag like a sleeping wolf, dreaming of the kill.

Live or die, a game stick is a fighter.

It doesn’t quit.

It says, I like your bruises and bad mood. I’m in one too. Let’s kick ass.

Get yourself a game stick.

Get a Character Cue.



Stick #001 Purple Object Ball Eater (Purchased)


Out of stock

Product Serial Number: #0001

This stick is under construction with an expected completion date in late July 2022.

As work is accomplished I’ll update the photo, leaving the old to show the history.

All woods except the hickory and maple core are spalted — which means the wood has been partly digested by fungi, removing mass and strength but leaving pretty lines and colors.

The stabilizing process removes moisture and air from the wood and fills the pores with resin. Heated, the resin cures the spongy, punky wood into blocks that are stronger than the wood was when green.

This stick is ash dyed purple. It has knots all through it that appear to be eyes looking at you, several different ways you hold the stick. The color contrasts from white to purple to blue. There’s a worm tunnel and part of a worm preserved in the butt. 




Standard v. One of a Kind: One of a Kind

Cue Type: Regular Play Cue

Core: Hickory tenoned into hard maple with 5/16″ threaded connector

Finish: 2 coats epoxy, 15 coats CA glue, turner’s wax.

Shaft Type: Carbon Fiber 

Joint Type: Radius/Ball Thread 3/8″

Shaft Diameter: 12.5mm

Shaft Taper: Pro Taper 

Warranty: Lifetime