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  • Stick 80: It’s Personal

    Spalted/Stabilized Tiger Maple on Solid Purple Heart BUTT with JOINT PROTECTOR: $775


    Woods Used: Purple heart, spalted/stabilized tiger maple, beech (purple rings)

    Core: solid purple heart forearm becomes tenon inside tiger maple handle. This is going to be a very solid hitting cue for regular play or breaking.

    Butt Length: 30″

    Earliest Completion Date:  7/24


    Currently available pins and collar diameters:

    • 3/8-10 pin; .84″ collar
    • Radial pin; .85″ collar
    • Need something else? I might be able to accommodate. Ask.


    A word about shafts:

    I build shafts out of ten species and carbon fiber. My advice is this: if you have a shaft you love to use, buy this butt to match that shaft. If you’ve heard of a famous shaft that you’d like to try, buy that shaft to match this butt.

    However, if you’re into the art of it and want to have fun, try something new, and make your Character Cue fully badass, consider one of my ten species or carbon fiber with a like-wood decorative ring.

    Read about the different species here: https://charactercues.com/comparing-10-shaft-wood-species/


    Shafts: (with decorative like-wood ring)

    • Carbon Fiber — $450
    • Purple Heart — $400
    • Maple — $350
    • Birch — $350
    • White Oak — $350
    • Cherry — $350
    • Walnut — $350
    • Sassafras — $350
    • Ash — $350
    • Hickory — $350
    • Black Locust — $350

    Like Wood Joint Protector: $75 each

    Like-Build Extensions:

    3 -6″ — $250
    7 – 12″ — $300



    To add a shaft, joint protector or extension, please email me at Clayton@CharacterCues.com.

    I’ll set this page up to reflect the cue as you want to purchase it, and password protect it for you until you do so.


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