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  • Stick 43 Bloak

    Comes with your choice of shaft, made from 1 of 10 species with a 3 inch spalted wormy oak decorative ring, and two spalted wormy oak joint protectors.



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    BLOAK is finished. Depending on your shaft choice, expect a cue that is 61/62″ and 19 – 23 ounces, depending on shaft and weight bolt. With an oak shaft, figure about 20.5 oz.


    • 16.3 oz. without bolt. Butt is drilled and tapped for up to 1.5 ounces more.
    • 30 7/8″
    • .85 collar

    BLOAK comes with your choice of 1 hardwood shaft, made with a fancy ring above of the collar.

    Shafts will weight about 3 to 4.5 oz, depending on the density of the wood. Cherry, walnut, sassafras are the lightest. Purple heart, hickory, oak, are the heaviest.

    After you win the auction, let me know which species you prefer and I’ll tailor your shaft to your specs: length, tip diameter, and tip. Give me a few days and I’ll have your cue in a FedEx truck on its way to you.

    Choose your shaft species from

    • Maple
    • Birch
    • Ash
    • White Oak
    • Sassafras
    • Hickory
    • Black Locust
    • Purple Heart
    • Cherry
    • Walnut

    Add a second shaft for $200.

    Tips: (five to choose from or you can send me one.)

    • Blue Knight — Soft (Hardness Rating 61),
    • Elkmaster — Medium (Hardness Rating 66), Royal Oak
    • Medium (Hardness Rating 66), Le Pro
    • Hard: (Hardness Rating 78),
    • Triangle — Hard (Hardness Rating 91)

    BLOAK has a hickory-tenoned-into-hard-maple core; that’s why I know the hit is going to be unworldly. You could drive nails with a piece of hickory. Add the stabilized wood and you get a magical connection with the cue ball.

    BLOAK has hung 6 months in the shop, being turned down to final size over time, to reduce the likelihood of future warping.

    2 Week returns; Lifetime warranty. 

    When I take unfinished sticks to the local tournaments, BLOAK is always the one that grabs the most eyes.


    Current Bid: $650.00
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