Ron’s Cue… Going for a sunrise effect with orange and copper side by side, surrounded by yellow. Last image shows the rings fairly close…
Okay, truth is I only added the gold phenolic (which I bought thinking it was brown, since they named it brown, but like better gold) because ya never know… I like the gold collars with the white rings and the black rings/copper rings best of all the mockups. Top middle. It really grabs the eye, […]
For this custom build, I made 3 sets of rings to bookend the maple burl handle section, each going with a different color of end collar, white, black, and brown. The rings are within a few hundredths of their final size and the seagull pockets are filled with epoxy. Each ring has the same pattern […]
(The image above shows the shafts below when under black light. Notice the black locust glows…. Also, some time during this read you’ll want to see the table at the end. The terms are defined shortly before the table.) Folks are generally concerned with both the look of the shaft and the play. I’ll address […]
I’m just going to write some things that have been on my mind. Why on earth would a nobody cue builder talk about anything other than cues? Because you’re a nobody too. You have agency and a spark of the divine, yet we’re all nobodies and puerile conversations are being shoved down our throats so […]
Learning my CNC machine has not been as vexing as anticipated, but has easily given me all the vexation I need. Aristotle famously said A = A. Sometimes everything is perfect on one side of the equation so one expects perfection on the other. That rarely happens with a newbie on a CNC. I finally […]